I never understood the—my wife-the wife-viewpoint.


You can run but not hide.


A Long Time Editor:  What is forever about, LL ?

The Almost Forever Cat:  The COVID virus will be with humans forever, thank the Chinese and Fauci.  Everything that isn’t going right will be the fault of COVID.

Something that will probably last longer than America is the after shocks children will experience with school missed, and social learning with other kids.

One thing that will last a lifetime for those experimented on as minors are the sexual mutilations that Biden, the Democrats, medical profession, parents, and teachers performed on children.  It is like the Chinese policy of having one baby.  Boys were preferred so girl embryos were killed.  Now the Chinese people don’t have enough wives for their males.

As MST predicted the National Debt of almost 32 TRILLION DOLLARS is forever.  It will never be repaid.

Joey has turned the corner.

Another Asian-American crime.  No White people here-move on.

The Fernandez Diary.


Parents should be licensed to have babies.  Maybe we need more abortions.

The dems remove their chains from Black Americans.  Place a retired-armed veteran between the register and door.

Seattle is a sanctuary city with no laws, they voted to keep it that way.


They didn’t give enough campaign contributions.

We know more of Georgia’s Governor Kemp’s plans thanks to V.  He will work for Rivian after this term is up.  He was in Davos making some connections.  At least they are American owned ( mostly ).

That may be why Georgia Power was permitted to expand their nuclear power facility at Plant Vogtle.

China still has big Wuhan Flu problems.

They should have turned this McDonald’s into a Koban police station and burger joint.

If this criminal spawn of the Democrat HOR member had attacked the new MLK JR. statue in Bean Town it would have been understandable.

Arizona has Democrats for Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General.


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