It was nice for a few days.


The only cure is to move all major league sports to China.


The Woodsman Editor:  Should we all be prepared, LL ?  Prepared for what ?

The Stealthy Cat:  All of our loyal readers should be prepared for what ever presents itself.  I can’t think of a better code to live by than the Scout Oath and Law.

These young Scouts think they are almost physicians.  One thing that separates them from American Medical Association members (AMA) is that they don’t support gender/sex mutilation on anyone under 18 years old.

I don’t see why these patriotic young Americans won’t get their merit badges and start on their Eagle Scout quest.

I thought vaccines were shots given with a needle.  The Honeybees will be prepared.

Too funny.


The Chinese have copies or originals of all the secret documents that Joey has squirreled away over Delaware, District of Columbus, his Corvette, and points in between.

MLB, Joe Biden, and Ole Stacey Abrams need to apologize-today.  What a bunch of slime balls.

Dead at 28, with a heart attack.  Vaccinated ?


The government needs to change the secret encryption code they use to what The Sphinx uses.

Hunter recommended one of the document movers/packers.

This is one reason many readers hope America crashes, and has a rebirth.

Mayor Bowser is afraid D.C. might turn into a ghost town.  She needs more money to paint more streets with BLM Bull Sheet.

The Left-left-left Bezos may not be radical enough for the Pinko-Commie Not For Liberty ( NFL ).

Sell the Post to Elon Musk.

This pretty much shows that the entire story is a slimy Democrat Biden Lie.  Two Democrats have stood up for the Constitution.

Sweden had over 250 bombings using hand grenades last year.

Lock them up for as long as the Jan. 6 citizens have been locked up.


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