This article is about two weeks old.


Another old article.


The World Editor:  How will the Earth be saved, LL ?

The Mouse Whisperer:  It won’t be saved by not eating meat.  The rich and politicians won’t start eating bugs.  That’s their usual BS.  They won’t abandon their limousines, private airplanes, mansions, or anything else.  I can see it now, the rich will give up fish that may poison you ( fugu or blowfish).

Then they will eat these little treats.

Betsy Bugs will be a favorite, because of their size and crunchy nature.  Fewer will be around to drive politicians crazy.

Hissing Cockroaches will also be popular.

Can you imagine Pigwoman eating a cricket and it jumps out her nose ?

Love will keep them together.

Let’s see how much they edit it.


This is funny.


It’s fun to see these traitors whine.  They need some cheese.


Get your secret papers at Walmart.  Curb pickup is available.

This is funny, the post has no journalist.

Before you buy an EV make sure you have a second car, or are rich enough to take time off from work.  Once you buy it–you own it, there are no one day fixes.


The DOJ does something helpful.


Vimeo goes woke.


Karine laughs.

Nothing will improve with this guy.

Mars has poor management.

DeSantis keeps helping children. FJB and union teachers.

Equity has reached children’s cough syrup.

The state that elected Fetterman to the U.S. Senate, hires lifeguards that can’t swim.  Do you feel good about the future of woke-places ?

The Fernandez Diary.  The man charged with murder once lived in a house owned by Fernandez.

Dis-Honors.  Be careful of fish.

Disney removes a song, about Joe Biden growing up in Harlem.

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