Children can’t crawl under these and get injured.


Shaheeb has his future well planned.  His family has already crossed into America through Mexico.


The Woke Editor:  Do WOKE companies care about employees or even the woke culture, LL ?

The Comedian Cat:  What a joke.  They care about the money.  The goal of every large company is to make as much money per share of stock as possible–that’s why the stock holders invest money.

Just follow the money.

Mars candy wants to still be WOKE and get your money.  Put mouse ears and duck bills on M&Ms and send them to Disney.

The financial institutions are laying off thousands.  Vote Democratic.

Twenty-one attorneys general are suing to stop WOKE commies.

Wake up patriots.


This looks like the Floyd case in Minnesota, except everyone is Black.

The Fernandez Diary.


This will be the best acronym of 2023.  It’s too funny not to repeat.

Here is your WOKE assistant principal/superintendent/teachers.  Someone sue everyone involved.  The kid should never have been in the school.  Virginia might have the worst-wokest-Democrat-Progressive smelly schools in America. Google Loudoun County schools concerning trans-student and rape cover ups.

Released without cause is a joke.  The entire school board should be fired and charged with being an accessory to attempted murder.  Alec Baldwin would be a better superintendent.

Does anyone see the problem ?



This arrived too late to make the Woke Business issue.  Businesses or business people rarely will sacrifice their money for a cause.  Beyonce is no exception.

Trump did, and has sacrificed money and a peaceful life to help America.

Biden Inc. is a criminal enterprise.


An ancient cemetery is discovered.

Kevin is making progress.

A prediction.

Some people don’t listen.  As Jimmy Caarrter said “life is unfair”.

The European Union is trying to replace Roundup weed killer with insects in almost every food item.

Powdered insects will be added to everything you eat.

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