The more the merrier.


Harvard tells the truth.  The NYT is next.


The 2024 Editor:  I thought you were ignoring the political bull sheet until next year, LL ?

Debate Cat:  I am, this is a preview of what we will be forced to watch next year.  Joey will be replaced by Kamala, she will have no Vice President in an attempt to save taxpayer money.  This debate would win a Nobel Prize compared to our future–if we have one.

The only thing in a LockBox in America is Obama’s school records.

Keep Joey, he is a national treasure.

Trump uses magic and traps possessed Pigwoman in a glass lockbox.  He will make her wash the feet of every illegal.×475.png

You don’t even need a Soul to be President.

The Memphis Diary.  The Memphis police learned nothing from the George Floyd killing.  Nichols was supposedly stopped for reckless driving, where is that video ?  I think this is in chronological order.

The police chief was fired from the Atlanta dept.

Sheriff Bonner, who saw the video for the first time on 01-27-23, suspended 2 deputies in addition to 5 officers being fired and indicted for murder.  Why did Bonner not see the 01-07-23 video for twenty days ?

The pole camera ( from yesterday’s Sphinx ) picks up with the 5 cops already beating Tyre at time 20:34.  The two deputies and ambulance arrived somewhere around 30 minutes later.  All 7 appear to ignore giving Tyre any assistance.

Something is going on with these cops.

Maybe they need training and an attitude adjustment.  Where is the reckless driving video ?


Biden’s niece fits well in the organization.


We have another acronym.

The hours your pharmacy is open might be changing.


America already has it.  It is one of the few things America still excels at.

Kevin is trying.

Fidel Trudeau gets heckled.

This is why I don’t believe anything in the media without verifying it.  It has been going on for 50 years.

This is what you are fighting.  Vote Democratic.

The dems are not doing anything while a dem is the President, he appointed the influence peddlers and sex mutants.

It’s hardball time.  You will be cursed by the media no matter what you do—do it.


    • Hello Pope Francis…My Goodness…I figured you would have heard the old news…Nancy’s soul left on the Soul Train many decades ago. The train was headed to a crossroads in Georgia to make a deal. This is a very strong, CDC Approved, glass lockbox. It is Hammer Proof. It is also Pope proof. The last time a young lady was able to be alone around a Pope who approved of abortion….Rosemary had a baby. We will not take a chance on that with Nancy. The glass box also helps Nancy keep up with things…it appears that she is getting senile like her Idol, Joe. I guess you heard…she even lost her gavel.

  1. My O My, I certainly have lost touch with things. I’m behind my 3 feet thick walls to keep out intruders and I just lost track. I hope Nancy can come over before long and be ambassador.

    • You can relax now, Popey, Like Reagan said..”Take down that wall.” No one wants to see or talk to you anymore. Those days are long gone. Your love of alcohol is all around the internet now. Nancy Pelosi got real excited when she found out that you approve of abortion. She is looking forward to the two of you building that new Planned Parenthood Facility behind those 3 feet thick walls. Since she lost her gavel, it seems that she may have also lost her mind. She tells too many secrets, is it true that she gets really excited when you take the little doily off your head and wear your White Pointy Hat? After she drinks too much wine…she announces that “When she becomes your ambASSador, the two of you will become a new team…”Fran & Nan…Bringing Back The Klan.”

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