They’re off…as they reach the 1/8 pole.

Call the Toobin creep.


They still haven’t blamed Trump, what’s up ?

Authorities or businesses should have reasonable suspicion or a court order to keep your DNA on record.  Fingerprints are the same deal, they can’t just take your prints for no reason.


The Children Editor:  What does your title mean, LL ?

The  Watch Out Cat:  When anyone, especially politicians, say anything about children take your child and run.  For some reason the dems and progressives are now pushing stomach surgery on people under 18.  It’s a scam from the AMA and others involved.

Parents/parent need to exercise a little discipline.  Make them exercise and get off junk-fast-food.  After seeing the sexual abuse of children in schools by teachers and doctors with their gender experiments, I wouldn’t trust a doctor with any child.

The medical profession is in bed with the drug companies.  Read the side effects of most drugs, the side effects are worse than the medical problem.

You have to sue your own government to uncover the truth.  Vote Democratic again.

The FDA and Pfizer wanted 75 YEARS to release their data.  The JFK assassination hasn’t taken that long–yet.  The Democratic voters get what they deserve.

The child abusers must be sued.

If you live in a place where your safety is in danger, get a gun and take the safety course.  Few governments care about you.

Some places play classical music to deter loitering.  You can run the Democrats off with The Star Spangled Banner.

Simon says.

Check your weather.


The Memphis Diary.  The second wave of punishment appears to be for not helping Tyre, medically.

The Patel Diary.

The Baldwin Diary.

The Murdaugh Diary.

The only diary missing is the Epstein Diary.


The New York Rangers tell the LGBTQI+ ( now they have added homeless ) to Puck off.

This must have some wokeness involved.

A large meteorite is found.


More power to San Francisco and California.  Make sure it is state tax money and not federal tax money that is used.  For our new readers, California never was a slave state.


Maybe this is good.

Another Nancy witch.  This one is from the Palmetto State ( SC ).

It’s just now being reported.

The female boss was a groper.

Weather reports are useless.

Bras are just like poker, a card laid is a card played.

Wednesday Addams dies.

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