“In my younger days, I would have never believed that I would one day be old and bored enough with life to extend wishes for a Happy Ground Hog Day….yet, here I am.”
-Sheila Tolley-

Image result for groundhog gif"

4 thoughts on “HGHD

  1. I’m the guy who started the Boycott American Women blog, and i admit i was quite a woman hater but i went thru a spiritual awakening and now I’m trying to heal women instead of hurt them. Anyway if you wanna ask me questions or do an interview, just DM me on instagram at tantrahealermaster

  2. Am I missing something here? I thought the post was about the adorable ground hog. Here in Texas, we have “Mellow Marvin” the Armadillo. If he comes out of his hole and see’s his shadow, we have six more years of Californians moving to Texas. There.

    • LOL…Oh My Goodness, Phil….Please fill Mellow Marvin’s Armadillo hole with concrete….You certainly do not need more of those SOB’s moving to Texas.

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