This beats 30 million and a hundred million stock option.  Ask Nancy.


Spend and pawn everything before the crash.

Apply for this.


The I Evolved From Monkeys Editor:  What is thimk about, LL ?

The Intelligent Design Cat:  I need a break from politics.  Here are some articles to make you think.

Back in the 1970’s stupid ideas were tossed out to see what would stick to the walls.  They were also called Trial-Balloons, to see if anyone would believe them.  Walls don’t work was mentioned in the Democratic Media for over 20 years.

The gas stove BS crashed like Joe’s Corvette Top Secret Document Protection Plan.  The Top Secret papers were safe in a cardboard box in his garage because his Corvette was in there.  I will add one thing to the following list of dangers, POLITICIANS.

The HOR needs to start cleaning the FBI, get Hillgal to help.

The Granite State offers to bring in 100 blacks and 100 illegal immigrants, if they can keep their first in the nation primary.

Would some loyal readers comment on anything Joe has done to help America? Other than killing three terrorists.

I’ll miss Joey and Hunter.

Today is Groundhog Day.

That’s about all there is, they’re just big rodents.

The Abraham Lincoln imitators will show us Phil.


They are just rodents or big rats.  You can find them around any government office where no-bid contracts, influence peddling, lobbyist, or any other marginally legal money stealing operation exists.

This is a start.

The Murdaugh Diary.

Rhode Island school employees want to pay human-smugglers.


I have Joe’s medical report.  He has normal age related issues, but is qualified to perform his Presidential obligations.

A jury makes sense.

Get over nooses, plantations, cotton, and slavery.  Get over being a forever victim.  It is as stupid as Trump forever talking about the 2020 election—-life goes on.

The best advise I ever got as a kitten was don’t talk politics, religion, and sex with anyone but friends ( unless all involved are mature ).

I can name 50 swampers that are telling bigger lies than Santos.  I don’t cover the little lies he tells.

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