Both Jeopardy hosts are a pain to watch.  They might as well have Maxine Waters and Jerry Nadler.

It is about time.


I wish conservatives would boycott everything Disney.

Silver spoons.


The What’s Up Editor:  What is up, LL ?

Clikity Clack Cat:  These people thought they were held by terrorists.

Here is a real delay, from the olden days.

Here is a special on Donald Trump, falsely convicted by the media and skanky Pigwoman.  Will fate ( Twitter ) move its huge hand and free The Donald ?

This is another trapped train–from 1884.

A miniature train.  Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter could have been passengers.  This was when I knew the Biden Administration suxed.  They actually released the Carter photo.

More Georgia, USA.

Not shooting down a Chinese spy balloon is an act of treason, but we are used to that.

Maybe John Kerry worked out a secret deal.

Maybe the Commies are just surveying the land they are buying, with U.S. government permission.


So long Ilhan, you pesky little terrorist.


Mitch is a ” rich swamper “.  I gave up on him when he neglected 2 Republican Senate candidates who could have won, and gave Murkowski from Alaska over 6 million dollars.  I HHDNT.


A good idea.  Many Democrats want 16 year old children to have the vote.


Lori ( Big Member ) Lightfoot has a reelection coming up.  She can shake that booty.

The Tyre Diary.  There is something fishy in the murder.  Where are the radio communications, and recording of Tyre being stopped for reckless driving ?


Sarah will respond to Joey’s lies.  Was Nancy spotted at the Congressional Liquor Store ?

It’s in the eye of the beholder.

Maxine is a bigot.  Hopefully, this is her last mention in The Sphinx.  Where is Hillgal ?

Maybe elementary schools should teach finance instead of anal sex.  Would that violate the union-teacher-code ?

I realize that with 330 million people everyone in America is not a thief/crook, but that doesn’t help me trust strangers or anything on the internet.

Ron is working.

You can’t please everyone.  The comments are entertaining.

Books are bad.  Reading and writing will be next.

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