Withholding money is the HOR’s only weapon against the Democrat crooks.


The Pentagon, many hope, will never fill all of the job openings ever again.  Draft-Draft-Draft.

We couldn’t wait.


I generated this article.


The Get Caught Up Editor:  What might our loyal readers have missed, LL ?

What About This Cat:   DeSantis is still fighting the Woke-Critical Race Theory-BLN Bull Shiit.  In this article he explains that Black Queer studies isn’t part of Florida’s school classes.

Twenty-nine years ago you might have missed that Congress started trying, maybe, who knows wanting to regulate the Ticketmaster monopoly on concert and other tickets.  Who sux more Congress or Ticketmaster ???

Mikaela is the new world champ, and as far as I know she has no Chapstick commercial.

This has a flying Royal Rumble Air Collision.

More dems lying.

The Associated Press, a branch of the Woke Democrat party, wants to tell you how to talk and write.

Joe finally had his buddy’s ( Xi Jinping ) spy balloon shot down–or so they say.

I can hardly wait for the pilot’s book.


I don’t believe it.


This is funny.  We spend trillions to protect America from nuclear bombs, and this balloon could have several on board.  Maybe some vials of a new COVID to drop, everywhere.  Impeach Joey.

If I lived in the Pacific region, I would not depend on America for protection.


The Democrats, Joey, and MSM asked for it.  Wait until a million demand their luxury accommodations.  It’s surprising it took this long.

The cops must be from Memphis if they can’t list the dog breed—I guess a pit bull or pit bull mix of the killers.  If you live near killer dogs, you need a pistol.

This is stupid.  Where is the large container it should be in, and the GPS beeper ?


The Hunter Diary.


Maybe Stacey Abrams could be the Keynote speaker, if Atlanta is the site.

They didn’t want to miss their flight.

Some readers think this is why we need a crash.

The Democrats/left are nasty trash.

This Cockatiel should do the Super Bowl halftime show.

This would keep the BLM/Antifa arsonists off the streets.

Media funnies.

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