We expected this, Pigleosi filling in until another Communist can be located would not be a surprise.

You never know.


White supremacy strikes the 10 limit register.


The Young Editor:  Is this about young women, LL ?

First Mate Cat:  No, this is about some things that our loyal readers used to like or appreciate more now.  The young women’s special will be when Amigo selects his boat crew for this summer.  Some miss values and goals.  Maybe they can be found and returned.

I want an honest President again, Richard Nixon is a start.

One reader wants hanging chads again.  For our new readers, these were punch out tabs on paper voting ballots in Florida.  Some didn’t come all the way out, and were hanging.

The Sphinx wants paper ballots to return.  On Cumberland, our sanctuary, paper ballots are in the Constitution.

Another loyal reader wants to be able to place his rifle in a gun rack in his truck’s back window.  This would be in the country, not a rat hole city.

Another loyal reader wants to return to 2018.  Immigration was under control, Blacks, Browns, Yellows, Whites, and the rest had the highest employment with low inflation in the history of America.

DeSantis is bringing back law and order, punishment for crimes.  I hope he can get a law passed to indict District Attorneys who don’t enforce the law.

Some miss summers in Michigan.

Powerball is high enough that you could buy your own spy balloon.


You can’t say anything out of line about Swalwell.


It’s true.  I just read the MSM lies so my readers won’t have to.  Nothing the dems report is true.

Joey is filthy trash, I HHDNT.

The politicians might do something if they continue to be victims.


One of our space enthusiasts should track this down.

Some good links.

Hunter wants help.

Ron saves more children.

RIP Melinda.

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