It’s simple if you care about the customer instead of the middle people ( scalpers ).

I knew it.


They know.


The Spooky Editor:  What is first with animals, LL ?

Whooooooo Cat:  The first link is a possessed cat.  The name Is Demo, which can only be short for Demon or Democrat.  I hope she is a demon, they have better reputations.

Dog names from 2022.

A dead humpback washes ashore in New York.

Here is a woman animal.

Trump is on the road again.

This is wonderful.


The balloon was a test.  The only war America can win in the Pacific or Asia is nuclear.

MTG should use insider-trading, like Pigwoman, to retire a multi-millionaire.


Maybe this is true.


Here is your chance to learn about Latin America.

The Democrats have to be exorcised, like a demon or Satan.

Here is an old dog.

It will take a Republican President and Congress to tame the monopolies–maybe.

Hannah will be in orange before you can say, ” the gun is not loaded “.

American society has become crude, rude, and obnoxious.  The media is the main reason.  Who is picking up the hate mantle with Pigwoman passing into obscurity and insignificance.  Nancy who ???

I hope the Republicans don’t start mentioning the–meet them halfway BS.

NASA continues to get criticism.

It’s terrible to see a hatemonger having problems.


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