Fidel Castro’s son makes an effort.


Maybe a Dry Martini.

Here is another special person, I can imagine him as a Sheriff.


The Inquiring Mind Editor:  Are you ready for some tough questions, LL ?  Like the many Biden’s Press spokeswoman is asked.

The Dreaming Cat:  I sure am.

Our first one is from Xi Jinping.  Do you realize that if America crashes like some of your readers want, that China and the entire world will go into a Great Depression.

I do.  Those readers want the producers to have a rebirth in America and have values again.  The Progressives will die like roaches.  The exceptional ones, that survive, say the first new Constitutional Amendment will be a BALANCED BUDGET.

TIME (it’s a coincidence ):  Is there anything more dangerous than the Congress of The United States of America, TDC ?

There is nothing as dangerous, smelly, and repugnant.  Here are some dangerous things that will make you drink or smoke dope.

Earthquake news.


We hope John is well enough to return to Pennsylvania today.


This made my cat-day.


No great nation has a leader whose greatest wish is to wake up the next day.

Protest like the child sexual predators do.

But, if things go wrong, we have Kamala.

Disney doubles-down on everything against America.

Congress and the President live off of dirty money.  Look at Hunter & Joey.


Which list is longer ?


This is for our discriminating readers–Almost all masks are only useful to keep from sneezing on people or to wear during a robbery.  Bookmark this.


Hunter needs a GoFundMe page.

Disney is switching to race-baiting from child sexual abuse.

He should get a disguise.

This is why I include all Democrats, except for 3, in my opinions.

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