It is a Jewish trick.


Austin has transformed from pinko to red as Xi Jinping Ding a Ling.


The Striving For Mediocrity Editor:  Does your topic reach the Mt. Rushmore of stupid, LL ?

Obama Is The Picture Of Mediocrity Cat:  O is the picture, this idea is the class photo of stupid.  It’s from Democratic Massachusetts.

TSFME:  What are some problems that even a cat can see, OITPOMC ?

They will have to pay the guards with cigarettes, or 10 percent of their under the table bribe, like Hunter pays senile Joey.

White killers will get more ” yard time “.

The Chinese Organ Donation System will lose some esteem, built up over the past 30 years.

The American Medical Association ( AMA ) will support the plan, it’s more business.  With more states banning sexual experiments on minors, they need a replacement.

Here is the plan—this is how they keep Joey going.

This is a fishy story or the guy was stupid.  Check the comments.

The JonBenet case is over 25 years old, and still a mystery.  Why did her mother write the note ?


This is a sample of how much Google makes from selling your data.


More DeSantis news.


If the police won’t act, bring a civil lawsuit for child abuse.  Do like Joey–take everything to court.  Have protest marches at the counselor’s home–as if they were Supreme Court Judges.


The Smithsonian gets political.

This is funny.

Herpes, The Internet, and crooked politicians are forever.

Rats are forever, in the city that never sleeps.  That’s because the vermin will eat you.

The woman basketball player is lucky she wasn’t smuggling drugs into Saudi Arabia.

South Africa says trained people, not diversity, keeps the electricity flowing.

He would make a good addition.

Another weak accusation.

You could also get out of prison early—————————–if you were rich.

How did this idiot get in a position of authority ?  The parents should sue the school/superintendent for allowing bullying.

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