If someone yells or pouts, just do it.


Life is interesting.


The Cherub Editor:  Where did Valentine’s Day originate, LL ?

The Peaceful Cat:  Here is a little history.

It sure is complicated.  The little cherub shooting arrows at lovers is probably banned now.  Here is a little history of Cupid.

Many people expect cards or presents for Valentine’s Day.  It’s too late for this year, but you can plan for 2024.


After almost 80 years America’s WOKE military finally announces that there could be aliens sending up spy balloons from China. Joey has an answer for everything.


This is why you should not pay anyone without checking your receipt and keeping your receipt.  Starbucks should be named Starsucks, or Star*ucks their customers.


Gavin Newsom and the Democrats want this to be a national policy.  The voters in California also want it since they keep electing the perverts.

This woker should never work for any school again.


MTG is a patriot.


It is a boondoggle.

Trump’s new ad.

Thank Musk for exposing these lice.


Make the Bidens spend millions on crooked attorneys.

The Land Down Under is wising up.

A few seeds are planted.

It’s too late to enforce building codes.  The government sounds like America’s.

Diversity has reached air travel.  Buy that insurance policy.

Jalen is the man.

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