I didn’t recognize the Madonna photo without the flies buzzing around her.


This reminds me of a Ronald Reagan joke.


The Nyet Editor:  Can’t you always say yes, LL ?

The No-Yes Or Maybe Cat:  You can’t be all things to all people.  Be like ex-First Lady Nancy Reagan—JUST  SAY  NO.

When two causes you support clash with each other, you have to pick one.  This article about girls/women competing against biological males is about 7 years overdue.  People with X-Y Chromosomes are males.

Here is another case where two beliefs hit head-on.  Is wind power what the dems say it is, or is it a killer ?

Whale songs can travel over 5,000 miles in the water.

America isn’t prepared for the non-fossil fuel future.  Where are the 50 million cars and trucks charging at the same time going to get their electricity ?

I want to cat-say this, everyone is talking about America doing without fossil fuels in international agreements, but China and India are not included.  They account for about 1/4 of the Earth’s population.

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