Both families of HOR members ( Lori Big Member will also get 10 ) and Senators will continue to get up to 10 free tickets per venue.

What is it ?


Joey will end it once for each grandchild except Baby Navy in Arkansas.  That’s about 7 children.


The What About Now Editor:  Isn’t the past over, LL ?

The Time Cat:  I thought time was nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once.  I don’t know anymore.  These jokers want to bring back the Dodo Bird.

Women gave up their rights without a fight.  It is bizarre reasoning.  It is back to the past.

A winter from the past arrives.

A surprise in college hoops.

What does it take to impeach Joey ?


This is time sensitive.


I don’t know which world leader I hope dies first.  These guys don’t retire.


If you can’t cut the clitoris from a Muslim child, how are the parents, hospitals, and doctors experimenting on minors ????


The medical professionals want the money.


Some Americans deserve what happens.


NYC is the AAA minor league for national politics.  If you can play there, DC is a short Amtrak ride away.

Joey has three strikes with his balloons, and his Chinese bankers.


More censorship by the MSM/Democrats.


Break up the monopolies.  It will involve a pay-cut for politicians.  No bribe money.

This is interesting.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Take charge of your kids in Texas.

These are probably always available.

Anyone listening to these morons is a fool.

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