Can you spot the Toobin (CNN) guy ?

Benghazi is where Obama and Hillary let several State Department employees be killed by terrorist.


Don’t peek.

This is a repeat.


The Designer Baby Editor:  Have you heard of designer-babies, LL ?

What Could Go Wrong With That Cat:  I sure have, it’s been written about for years. Now with advances in bio-technology, it will happen in the life time of most people reading this article.  Just for fun, here is one scenario.  Someone jokes about it.

Several scientists are working on human experiments as I meow.

This problem might pop up.

The first thing the Democrats will do is register the baby as a war refugee and give it a license.

It might be as hard to get rid of as Joey, Schiff, and Omar.

Does the Queen have palms ?  Thanks to Ms V.   Maybe a tentacle scan for the creature.

The dems wear rose colored Augmented Reality Glasses ( AR ).


This is wonderful if it works.  The cost per pill will be $3,000.00.


I wonder if Joey also said he was clean and articulate—like he referred to Obama ?


The U.S. had been tracking the Chinese spy balloon since lift-off in China.  What a bunch of lying scum.  Vote Democratic.


What a slimy President.


Lindsey Graham is a swamper.

They need a Top Gun.

Clapper should be in prison.

Putin should be in trouble.


Check the comment section.

It’s what made Wales great.  Posted for humor only.

You invite skanks, and you get nasty.

WaPo and Bezos are both trashy toads.

Maybe the balloons belong to Amazon.  Congress permits this feces.

Don’t expect any truth from anyone in a corrupt agency.  ( the federal government )

Automobile news—expensive.

What’s new ?

One hater is rejected.

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