The Republicans must also get voters out for local elections.

How do your elected officials rate ?


Run in 2024, Joey.


The For Your Information Editor:  What is interesting, LL ?

The I Don’t Care Cat:  Slaves didn’t build the pyramids in Egypt or build America.

Here is a Sidewinder missile.  Regular bullets should have been used to slowly deflate all the balloons, unless you didn’t want to find the electronics.

Here is why politicians lie without any penalty,  ( some voters are stupid ).

Protect your family—the teachers, AMA, media, and politicians won’t.  They want to destroy the American family, and make more money.

Everything is open in America.  The border wasn’t closed for 9-11 or COVID.  There is a plan.

They do everything in the dark.

The EPA is corrupt, but we knew that.  It is safe, the authorities say.  Do you remember when they said the same thing about the clean-up after 9-11 ?  Thousands of workers have since died of cancer and many other causes.


Carter is an honorable man, but a tad socialist.  Let’s shrink Biden and Jill.


Tiger is a good comparison/analogy for America.

We came close.

One recommendation to fight inflation is skip breakfast.  What medical treatment should we skip ?

Joey is not a nice bigot.

Buttigieg is a liar.

Virginia has some of the most dangerous schools in America.

This is one reason I hope Joe the maggot dies a natural death today.

This is almost as much entertainment as Joe’s retirement would be.  CNN has no reputation to harm.

The HOR should forbid it–take the money away–in the next budget.

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