This is what we need now.

Cut the legs off the bed, or get one of those air mattresses that HOR member Swalwell has in his car truck in case he runs into Fang Fang at one of Joe’s secret document drops.


The Republicans and a few dems saw the light.  Maybe one Memphis is enough.

Joey reads to Congress.


The Doom Editor:  Why is the once great America doomed, LL ?

The Look Around You Cat:  There are no common values to hold America together.  She has more divisive items than Battle Creek has Corn Flakes.  Here are a few.

There is no civil/law and order in the Democratic run sanctuary cities.  The kids are not disciplined by parents, schools, and police.   Violence is their currency.

The Memphis murder by 5 cops was due to progressive-liberal-woke policies, poor training, and lower standards. Who wants to work for loser politicians?  Cops can’t do their job if criminals are out before the cops can get home.  The department is down over 500 officers from 2011.

Maybe what goes around does come around.  Click View Gallery for individual photos.

Congress and the President have approved you being censored, while they continue to lie before Congress.  Lauren will make a good executive officer.

We don’t know you Joey, who are you ?

Check your weather, it might get dangerous.


Let Joey drink the water.

Biden and the Democrats are wokers.  They hate America.


Schiff is a slimy thing.  Adam and the media are a happy couple.


He can work for the DNC.

I can’t wait to print Bernie’s retirement.  Bernie is for killing anyone if you hire someone to do it.

California is a lost cause.

Joe should visit the Southern Border, and now Northern Border.

The woke/progressives need to just shut up.  FJB and them.  Is gas too expensive for BLM or do we need an election ?  The Memphis killing saw very little press.

Don Don—you little bigot.

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