So long Tom.


Being Satan is a thankless job, but someone has to do it.


The I Don’t Believe It Editor:  What is amazing, LL ?

It’s A Strange World Cat:   This is an industrious woodpecker.  Maybe he was preparing for End Times or wanted to grow a forest.

This is one reason New York City sux, corruption.  Amazing.  No one will be indicted, they all get their cut.

This probably cost as much as the moon landing.  Maybe it will be rat-free at opening.

This is indeed, amazing.  One plane, attempting to land, flies over another that is 4 feet off the ground taking off.  They are 71 feet apart.

What is going on in the control-tower & cockpit ?

The only thing amazing about the following is the public’s stupidity for supporting woke companies with their money.

Real women should boycott events with trans-anybody.  Before you know it, they will be singing my trans-sexual surfer girl.

It’s winter.


Tucker can hire some of the hundreds of thousands laid off by the social media sites.  Where is Fancy Nancy ?  J6 was her creation.


I bet every bed had a politician hiding under it.


The Baldwin File.  I believe them.  Where is Epstein’s guest list ?

This is great news.

What’s new ?


Susan Rice is a political leech, I can’t use prostitute or their johns, she isn’t that moral.

Parents are to blame for many problems.  They and the schools might save some lives if discipline was used.  Schools only want to teach sexual mutilations.  Check the comments.

This guy has some mental issues.  He wants some attention.

Most of the buy American laws passed have something to the effect of ” if available “.

Joey was preferred by 51 percent of Americans.

Adams is a corrupt Democrat Woker.

Chicago is first in something beside shootings.  Maybe the union teachers should teach reading and math instead of WOKE sexual beliefs.

3 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—AMAZING

  1. The NEW YORK TIMES paints the Texas cop as “trigger Happy”. Just some more of the “my sweet kid did not do anything wrong” story. This kid stole a car and then tried to outrun the police and ram a police car trying to possibly kill the police officer. If his parents had shown some discipline in the boys life maybe this would not have happened. Now they want to sue the cops and have them thrown in jail for doing their duty to the citizens of this Texas community. As for my thoughts the cops did no wrong in this case and the parents should be the ones who go to jail for the murder of their child.
    This is just more of the Democrats bullshit while trying to destroy the US of A.

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