Stealing baby food is a gateway theft to stealing 60 inch flat-screen TVs.


This is late, but very informative.  Think of it when you see Joe in the horse drawn caisson.

AT&T-Direct TV dropped Newsmax for political reasons.  Congress needs to break up the monopolies.  I would make it illegal for any news organization to be owned by another company.  Be self sufficient or shut the doors.


The Senses Editor:  Could you do without any of your 5, 7, or other senses, LL ?

The I Need More Cat:  With 9 lives I need more.  They all work together.

Bodies sure are complicated.  This is why I am discussing hearing.

Are deaf people as isolated as people in Bill Gate’s quiet room ?

Sensory deprivation.

I bet the quietest place in the world is any room where Hillary Clinton or most other politicians confess their mistakes or schemes gone wrong.

Joey used this to restore something.

An NFL quarterback will spend 4 nights in a dark-room, to help decide his future.  He could just spend the nights at the White House.  It is noted for sensory deprivation.  He could use the Al Sharpton room.

We have another Democrat Communist from California in the HOR.  This Judy needs no disguise.

Trump delivers water to East Palestine.  Joey was in Ukraine.

Chuckie Wuckie is sad.

It’s crazy.


I hope Joey doesn’t fall and injure his worthless hide.


Every Republican in America should say Social Security benefits and Medicare benefits will be increased.


The voters want who they voted for.

Maybe the social media sites need sections for violence and hate, and stop censoring or making up the news.

Maybe big money groups are now in control.


Joe the weasel.

This is one reason the borders are open.  Big real estate gives big campaign contributions.

We know the WSJ is an arm of the Democratic Party and wokers.

Let them live in one of Bernie’s empty properties.


It’s the cost of doing business.

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