One new American’s view.

This could change you.


No Starbucks for THIS big guy, and he also gets 10 percent.


The Morph Editor:  Do people change, LL ?

The Shape-Shifter Cat:  They sure do.  They change for many reasons, one is they mature or grow up.  Here is a young guy who could have easily turned to the dark-side–like the Democrat Bernie in the video.

Our throttle bum or cycle bum turned to the light, and decided to fight Bernie and his evil followers.

DeSantis is changing Florida.

You can also change the slimy monopolies.  Disney is one example, maybe AT&T is next, since Congress is owned by lobby money.

I’m tired of officials hiding public records, because notable people might be involved.  Recent examples are Hunter, Epstein, Paul Pelosi, and now an ole Clinton buddy.


Kim is a POS.


Would the Lemon “SO” think Hochul was past her prime?  They voted for her.  Get used to your one quarter acre home lots.

Joe to increase American soldiers in Taiwan.

The wrecked train report.


NPR lays off a bunch of WOKERS.

This is my last news of Carlson getting over 40,000 thousand hours of tape, until he starts releasing the lies.

Andrea Mitchell is a Democratic Political Whore/Slut/POS.

New York is expensive and rat infested.

Talk to Joey and the Democrats.

We will see.

The magpies on The View are ignorant Democrat skanks.  After listening to Joy on the show and Joy Reed on CNN–the name Joy should be changed to misery.

Maybe it will help with the drought.

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