This is just in the daylight.

A bonus song for Mardi Gras.


What an idea.


The Musical Editor:  Is this about people who can’t sing, LL?

Hmmmmmmmm Cat:  No it’s about Hummingbirds.  This article was inspired by loyal reader Ken M.   They are packing their bags.   The links are in no particular order.

You don’t need special food mixtures.  Tap/hose water is fine.  Mix 1 part regular sugar with 4 parts water.  No dye is necessary.


You asked for it.  I didn’t recognize her without Admiral Levine.

I’m tired of people with mental issues.

Check your weather.


It’s what the Democrats voted for.  The next ballots might be radioactive.


The EPA, railroad, and federal agencies should have had medical people there two weeks ago.  All pregnant women should be staying in Biden’s empty properties.


Another train wreck.


This is a bunch of meet me half-way feces.  Pigleosi starts the crap and the Republicans are supposed to not return the favor.  FJB and this idea.  Jeffries is further left than Pigwoman.


When did the Pentagon start making political statements ?


Why not, the Lemon “SO” guy didn’t say Levine was past his prime.  The Sphinx uses XX-XY to explain sex.

Maybe this will solve one mystery.

The entire Fetterman circumstances make this cat want to take a shower.  Joey and Kamala aren’t any better.

This exists in almost every agency and media company.

Just enjoy your sex, and shut up.  You and the union teachers stop sexually abusing children.

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