The Sexual Other (SO) people hate her.

What a treat.


There you go.


The Weekly Reader Editor:  What is two weeks about, LL ?

The Fortnight Cat:  Everything in the Democratic Biden Media takes two weeks.  Here is a secret video.

Two weeks to get a photograph that was available after 2 hours.   Things lose impact over time.

All bad news is released by the Democrats on Friday night.  By the next work day it is 2 days old.  The Clinton’s did/do postpone, delay, and drag out allegations forever.  Finally they say it is old news.  Can you spot the old article?

Buttigieg waited almost 3 weeks to visit the toxic train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio.  The feds even took some water samples to give to Republicans to show it is safe to drink.

Joe waited over two years to visit a welcome station on the Southern border.

Kamala’s delay was about the same.

The NYT admits that they suck, it took 3 years.

Time slips by.

Be careful out there.


Joe and the Democrats rule your military, like they want to rule your children’s lives.  Maybe this is why the military isn’t reaching enlistment goals.


Soon Nancy will pass to another place, without her soul.  The Church has refused Communion for the creature, then America’s children will be better off.


Ship it to California or Chicago.  Buttigieg and the feds have pronounced it safe.


Good for Tennessee.

Boycott Disney parks and products.  They support child sexual surgeries.

New-old drug guidelines.

Keep your work place off of Twitter.  Nobody cares about your life except you.

What does it take for Yorkers to realize that their governments don’t care ????  Vote the same ones back in.

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