It might be you.


I think I can, I think I can.


The Lather Editor:  What is your title about, LL ?

The Bubbles Cat:  It’s about old Ivory Soap commercials.

99 44/100 pure applies to much of my cat-life.  If you have small children or neighbors within 1 mile of your fenced property you do NOT need a big dog.  Any pit bull or mix is included.  If a pet can kill you it is 99 44/100 percent certain that you don’t need it.

Any politician who won’t support a better education for half the current costs, for your children, is a corrupt Democrat.  The Democrats violate the 99 44/100 rule.  They are that percent corrupt.

Almost all ads/commercials are deceptive and/or dangerous.  The Ivory Rule was made for them.

Kathy loves to fly, on a government plane, paid for by taxpayers.  She should have to report it as income.  She is a traveling woman.  She fits the Ivory Rule.

Lightfoot loses reelection bid.  So long Lori.

Early reports say she will be working for Snap-On tools.


Israel will bomb them.  Sure, it is Trump’s fault.


America’s government has sold us out to the Chinese.


Billions of dollars in electric-charging stations is the next scam.  Let’s see what government employees have stock in the companies.  No one is going to spend hours charging at a public station.


North Carolina is improving.  England is waking up.

It is and will continue to be covered up.

Maybe his actions will harm the Democrats reelections.

It’s a fuster cluck.  Go to Vermont.

Poor John.

C-SPAN is a woke non-profit.

Trains are crashing everywhere.

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