Keep your eyes open, just like the border.

An era is passing, and you get to witness it.


It beats the 6 personalities that many members have.


The Palm Tree Editor:  What’s up, LL ?

Coconut Cat:  Wall Street appears to be moving to West Palm Beach, Florida.  They seem to have a good plan, leave the liberal voters and rats in New York City.

AI is writing sermons.  If it believes in abortions and homosexual practices it might have a big following or AI Cult.  Does it want a tithe or donation ?

It might be the Antichrist.

I hope AI can learn how to apologize as well as Jimmy Swaggert, if it gets caught with a robot-doll prostitute.

This has to be an improvement.  Maybe parents are tired of WOKE policies killing their children.  First Big Member Lori is gone and now the Police Chief.


We know the government and media straight-out lied.  They shut down all opposing views, and scientific facts.  Some cities/schools are still pushing the mask lies.  It isn’t stern paternalism, it is FASCISM.


Take back control of your schools or your children and grand children will have these values.


Original versions of everything become more appreciated.  FJB and the history changers.

More heads.


Swalwell is mentally challenged, but California voters like that type of representative.

Does the Memphis murder case still exist ?

They will never stop.  Educate the voters, or promise them more than the dems.

Greta has turned against wind power.

Racing seems to be involved in UGA crash that killed two people.

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