Maybe cities need some vocational schools.  They could teach trades instead of woke BS.

Does this guy look like the Beto creep from Texas ?


What is a meteorologist to do ?


The Don’t Mention Editor:  Are there some things that you don’t report, LL ?

The Classified, Secret, National Security, Conspiracy Theory Cat:  There are some people that I try to ignore.  Two are Harry and Meghan.

I try not to mention these people and groups.  Pigleosi (who is gathering dust on the back shelves of history ).  Some groups are CNN, CBS, ABC, NPR, Google, Meta (Facebook ), most every social internet site.  The most EVIL is any branch of the FEDERAL BIDEN GOVERNMENT.

Not much more can be written about COVID, unless it is indictments and trials.

Our readers have probably overdosed on breaking up the media monopolies.

Dis-Honors are here.

Politicians need to be watched every minute.

We keep electing/allowing mentally ill, slimy, and perverted officials into  governments and schools.  The entire Biden administration makes we want to take a shower, and I’m a cat.


We hope our loyal California readers get relief soon.


Judicial Watch is worthy of a donation.


Wray is a POS.  He should be in Gitmo.


Garland is a POS.


This is a crooked obscene bribe filled plan.  Buy 5 Teslas and put a commode in them.

Ask the 9-11 cancer victims who cleaned up the debris from the World Trade Center, if the government lies ?

The Chinese government is Evil.  They are in every part of America, from buying farm land to working in America’s research universities.  Don’t forget TikTok, which Trump tried to ban, but the dems in Congress didn’t agree.

Young people should drink, drive, and race at home.

Too many teachers in Canadian and American schools have mental issues.

We hope Dianne can return to California soon.

This is my second link on censoring books.

Murdaugh is guilty.

Lawyers suing each other is terrible.

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