The water looks fine.  Let Biden’s Cabinet drink some.


I’m trying to arrange the AOC vs MTG Texas Death Wrestling Match.


The Modern Editor:  What is the Name, Image, Likeness policy in college, LL ?

Do My Spots Make Me Look Fat Cat:  College students can now make money while in college.  Why not, coaches and schools are making billions off of them.

Is Zelensky a dwarf ?  Maybe Joey is, he has done everything else.

Tom and Zelensky’s combined height might not be enough to ride Disney’s Teacup attraction.  Politicians and public figures are fair game for physical comments.  Don Lemon isn’t a news cat like me.  Here is one reason that you can’t trust any electronic media without verifying things.  Both are 5′ 7″ inches tall.

Here is an old photo of the Carters that Joey and Jill released.  They put a curse on Jimmy and Rosalyn.  Did you think that any President who allowed this photo to be shown would be successful in running America ?

Here is a great portrait, one of America’s top two Presidents.

Lincoln, as our loyal readers know, was a champion rails splitter, he saved America, and was a champion manspreader.

It’s simple, the dems and liberals want third world slums.  It keeps the people dependent on the government.


Kennedy is right.  I’m tired of hearing the dems pushing sex, race, and pronouns.  FJB and the Democrats.

Voters recently voted not to recall Newsom.  I don’t believe any poll.


Fetterman is introducing bills from the hospital.


Disney sux, more than ever.  Put Lori Lightfoot in charge.

The FBI sux worse than Disney.

The names won’t be released, ask Epstein.

Poor thing.  I’m not up to reporting anything else on this skank.

With Feinstein in the hospital with shingles, the Senate is tied again.

Nature at work.

I hope the money is from New York taxpayers.

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