Where are the Grimm Brothers, or wicked witch ?


Ohio needs more diversity, equity, and SO influences to remain a dumpster fire.


The Potpourri Editor:  What is interesting today, LL ?

The Cornucopia Cat:  I have a bunch of things.

Something is out of whack with this ad.

A Wheat Penny for your thoughts.

Is that a banana in your pocket or are you glad to see me ?

The ancient Romans knew what was going on.  So does Miley Cyrus.

Almost all are crooks.


This joker is unqualified, just like the Supreme Court Judge, Ketanji Jackson, who couldn’t define woman.  Which will kill the most Americans?


HerShe has a new ad.


Randi gets her power from union teachers.


Garland strikes again.


New Yorkers need a government not corrupted from top to bottom.  A political outsider like Trump wouldn’t owe anyone any favors or insider trading tips.  Of course, you would need a fair media.

Biden has cancerous tissue removed.

Disney makes more filth.

New York is a sanctuary city and state.

I guess this creature wants someone else to get assaulted with a hammer in their home.

There are too many creeps acting like fireman, starting their own fires to extinguish.


  1. Good morning, Lois Lion. This post about Phil Washington is truly unbelievable. I realize Joe Biden is senile and addle-brained…but WOW! PW could answer NO aviation related question, not a single one. Yet, brain dead Joe Biden nominated him as Administrator of the FAA. The interview must have gone like this:
    Brain Dead Joe: Good morning Phil. Have you ever flown in a plane?
    PW: Yes Sir.
    Brain Dead Joe: Was it an aisle seat?
    PW: Yes Sir.
    Brain Dead Joe: OK, You’re in.

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