Don thinks Nancy Pigwoman and Hillgal are beautiful and in their prime.


Rumors on the internet suggest his next stop will be the Democratic National Committee.


The Build Character Editor:  Does sports build character, LL ?  This is why you have to regulate almost everything.  Everyone is above the rules and has an attitude.  I like the you’re out of the game sign.

I Was Safe Cat:  It does if the coach has principles or scruples.  Here are a few interesting things.  Baseball has some new rules.  The Woke fans wanted the umpire to grab his crotch like M. Jackson or Rihanna for a pitcher taking too much time.  Thankfully, calmer heads prevailed.

Here is some information for March Madness College Basketball.  The seeding is not finished, the final will be made on March 12th.

People don’t listen, so you have to explain everything.

Georgia is a purple state, both Senators are Democrats.

I almost forgot.

This is one-half of our Latino music.

Austin is like Seattle or Portland.


Who cares ?


The swampers don’t have a conscience.

Half of Americans are already retarded, the fungus might be an improvement for them.


Schumer tells the truth, accidentally.


Why are trains wrecking, number 4 happened 3 days ago.


Indict Hunter & Joe when Republicans win the White House.  The DOJ is a political organization.

Bowman is Democrat Socialist of America Pimp.

Parents should organize and start suing teachers and the unions.  Go march at their homes.

Everyone should know better than to give any info on the internet.

Havana has a plane-bird strike.  There is no mention of Obama or Bernie Sanders.

The Trumpiest store.


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