I can’t breathe.


It’s almost like camping out, or being able to see the stars in the night sky.


The Sodium Chloride Editor:  Is salt important, LL ?

NaCl Cat:  It sure is.  People need what they call table salt.  The recorded use goes back over 6,000 years, when democrats first turned into commies.

Would people die without salt, NaCl C ?

Our loyal readers can read this and decide.

Other animals also need salt.

Here is a salt cathedral–about minute 13 in the video.

Tolley want a cracker ?

I don’t have any good salt songs.

Pigleosi, Schiff, and Nadler should all be expelled from Congress, then indicted.  News companies should have their licenses revoked.


We will see.  Are Joe and Kamala ready ?


Everything the media and Democrats have screwed up the last 7 years has been hidden.


The policies don’t change much, the systems that get politicians elected are corrupt.

New York City and state are just as corrupt as under DeBlasio and Cuomo.


I don’t care if they admit monkeys, but we know other standards will be lowered.


What’s going on here ?

Is it stupidity or diversity ?

Joey has some competition.

I assume these Honduras National Bald Eagle killers are illegal, until someone reports otherwise.

This delivery woman is polite and understanding enough to be a union teacher or work for a HOR member.  Do away with tips, include them in the price.

Manchin would make a decent Democrat candidate.  The radical-left wouldn’t approve.  We have Joey, so it doesn’t matter if you can’t secure the polling stations.

California loves tyrants.

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