Congress has free games.


The museum might have to double as a Protestant Museum and a museum of inventions by all people of color.  ( satire )


The Antique Space Shuttle Editor:   What’s up with machines, LL ?

The Claw Cat:  America just doubled its 31 trillion national debt.

Here is information on the Space Force’s X-37B.  Many people think it is the result of the now retired Space Shuttle joining the mile high club with a 747.

The NCAA wants to shorten college football games.  Citing player safety is a joke–that’s like any politician saying, it’s for the children.  The college playoffs will include about 12 teams next year.  Many teams will be playing as many games as professional football teams.  It’s about the money.

You can’t please the skanky Democrats.

People don’t know when to say nothing.

Yellen could have gotten some tips from this video.

This is why someone has to clean up the lying Democrat government and media.


Retire Mitch, you helped give us a Conservative Supreme Court, but returned to your  “swamper” ways–adios.


Meta ( Facebook-Instagram ) is laying off more thousands.  Censorship must have lost some of its attraction.

Another slip on the steps.

You decide.


China has the same policies and tactics as the Democratic Party uses on anyone who disagrees with them.


China has a lot of influence in Canada, but owns America–you name it and China has money involved.

Bernie doesn’t know what equity means.  Does it mean having 3 homes ?

Poor Chuckie,  the truth finally comes out.

Kennesaw State, the little school that could.

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