It’s all a joke.  The entire Fetterman fiasco smells like a skunk.

It should always be after 5, so everyone can drink all moon day.  The far side of the moon is not dark, it’s the same as the side you see.


The end is near.


The Participle Editor:   What’s what, LL ?

It’s Hard To Believe Cat:  A major institution has an employee who tells the truth.  A Johns Hopkins University professor has told the truth about lying by the Federal Government.

What about DeSantis’ promotion by NBC ?

What has many guises and uses.

What about this ?  A Manson family member died in January.

I included this from NBC to show that it is still a member of the Democratic Party.  I hope the HOR can function without her guidance.  What, when, and where she is a joker.

The Pelosi Plan–for others to use.

We wish Mitch the best in his recovery–go home to Kentucky and stay there.


This California commie creep is reduced to flying economy class to impress the Senators voting on his Ambassadorship to India.


This is 2 years and 4 million illegals too late.


Oregon should be like the planet Pluto, demote it to a dwarf state.  It’s the Keystone Cops.  The prisoner tried the newly named Foot-Bail release policy.


Jill is a Democrat favorite.

Congress is owned by China and these companies.

Fetterman and wife are doing great.  He is about as cognizant as Joey.

Democrats are gender-blenders.

The UK has to light up coal generators to provide electricity for unreliable green-energy.

Is the FBI investigating the numerous train crashes?

Is DeSantis running ?

Adams replaces Lightfoot as America’s Number One Got No Talent Mayors.  Lori is working for Snap-On Tools.

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