Only 50 percent of murders in America are solved.  Liberal policies and crooked governments are successful.

If you are frisky, be careful.


Who is counting.


The Inquiring Editor:  What is interesting, LL ?

The Muckraker Cat:  This skank and teachers in her union are some of the most dangerous people in America.  They should be investigated under the RICO Act.

Sue the union for 100 million dollars.

Joey wants to raise taxes.

Who cares ?

Prince Andrew has to move to Frogmore, a 5 bedroom home.

I bet all of my mice that if you have surgery or check your ancestry that your DNA is on file with the FBI and everyone else.

People can’t afford them.

The men’s 2023 basketball brackets are complete.  Get all correct and win a billion dollars.


SVB was a WOKE failure.  The officers sold their stock before the collapse.


Another bank is in trouble.  Wells Fargo should be under a RICO investigation for at least the past 10 years.


New York City is a liberal-Democrat-corrupt cesspool.  It’s the system, not just the mayor.


This is a temporary pause in an attempt to see who has guns ( registration ) is the common word.

This isn’t even news.  Worry about something important.

Biden has another crony traitor exposed.  It never ends.


Let’s do away with ALL tax funded security except for the President and Vice President.  None for federal, city, or state politicians.

Rat City.

Kevin tries to set some dems free.

Joey and his budget are doomed, I hope.

Hanoi Jane is back in the news.

It’s collusion between the Narco Drug President and the Hunter-Joey cocaine cartel.

The worms turn.  They are better than crickets.

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