Trump has plans.

It’s a new movement.


Don’t look back.


The High Technology Editor:  Is this about companies recording, storing, and selling everything that you have ever written or said on the internet, LL ?

The Raspberry Cat:  No, it’s about real cookies, the ones you eat.  The Girl Scouts have a best seller.

This is a short history.

The Cookie Monster was showing kids how to use me instead of I.

I missed Pi Day, yesterday.  I’m a cat, what do you expect ?


Some old and new Oscar movies.  All of these are value judgments/opinions.

Barney Frank preempted the Oscars.  The creeps won’t go away.  Once a politician, they remain forever.  They live off of Board Member jobs, and non-profit organizations.


Slimy Stanford, revoke the certification.


Joey is coming after you.


Another killer.  This is worse than breakfast at Raceway gas stations.


These were Democrat strikes.

Someone needs to get tough with America’s political royalty.

One NYC agency does something right.

Manchin is a moderate Democrat, but still a Democrat.

This is almost as sad as Hillary running for President, saying she would take the 3 A.M. phone call, then letting the Benghazi Americans die without sending help.

BLM was and remains, a violent-corrupt-political organization.

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