Jesus was getting the donkeys for Saint Patrick’s future travels.

Jesus and his followers were smiting the Evil Moloch Democrat pagans.

The Almost Saint Editor:  What is interesting about St. Patrick, LL ?

The Not Saintly Cat:  He ran the snakes out of Ireland, we could use him in D.C.  Some say there were no snakes there, but it is good public relations.

Savannah, Georgia, has one of the biggest parades.

Biden, teachers, doctors, and media members pushing this cruelty should be tried for child abuse.

The dems keep on giving.

The DOJ sux.

Eat bananas for breakfast.

We know the Biden family is corrupt.

Two small victories for freedom—to tell the truth.  It never has been disinformation, it has been liberal lies.

Illegals should be in a sanctuary city/state.

This is good for independent workers.

What are you doing, Joey ?

Just friends.

Keep voting Democratic.

The drug cartels have to keep up with police technology.

Ron has to take his beating from the media.

Putin’s enemies are dropping like Bill & Hill’s enemies.  I wonder if they had 2 guards and three cameras on them like Epstein.

I will close with this one.  It is as sickening as the NYC cop getting on his knees in front of BLM arsonists in 2020.

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