Most of the universe is unknown.

Could you pass the test, or pass the Vodka.


It’s in the Bible and Shakespeare.


The Movie Editor:  What’s new in Hollyweed, LL ?

The MGM Feline:  Robert Blake died last week.  He was around forever, in the olden day.  The Little Rascals was one engagement.

He played Little Beaver in the TV western.

The movie ” In Cold Blood ” made him a Hollywoodie.

Baretta was his TV show.

His wife being murdered almost ended his career.

Another Hollywoodie was out last week.

Navels were hard to see.

The American government is run on lies.


The homewrecker should run for mayor or governor.*1dn7ehr*_ga*NjkwMDE4MzAxLjE2NjQ4ODQ3MjY.*_ga_0DZ

Good for DeSantis.


Maybe Joey’s grandchildren need the same medical treatment.

This sums up the Democrat goals for America.  Skip all the BS,  it comes down to this.


Too many governments built their banks on sand.


The city of brotherly love.

NYC still sux.

So long schools for women.

This has too many people being retarded to comment on.

The Democrats have reached a new national low, low, low.

You can’t throw a Lithium-Ion battery without hitting a crook.

One woman changes her agent.

Is there anything in America not in a crisis ???

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