You shape up, Mexico.  Biden was almost as tough as Obama when he told Putin he had better stop hacking the Pentagon.


The South Eastern Conference doesn’t have 9 competitive teams.

Governor Newsom is on top of the problem.


The News Editor:  What is worth mentioning, LL ?

Stir It Up Cat:   Here is an interesting news piece that CBS stumbled across.

The Bidens and Fauci are untouchable with a corrupt DOJ.

The Democrats and union teachers want it.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a commie organization.

Biden awards a women’s award to a man.    

Today is the first day of Spring.


Have a ball.


Rowling is right.  What was passing thoughts has become a danger, especially to minors.

Joey and his appointees are creatures of Satan.  I will be a happy cat when they die a natural death, hopefully today.

This is a repeat.

The dems aren’t satisfied with living their lives, they want to convert you and your children to their camp.  Ram the fear of their progressive ways into you.


What made Mitt stand up to Joey’s lies ?


The Canadian Native people identifiers are crazier than Pocahontas.

The parents should start their own league for females only or kick the school board out of office.

Poor, poor, Lori—run for Congress or President.

New York City continues to try and keep stores open in a culture where crime isn’t punished.  Good luck.

Australia has a giant fish-kill.

They should also get Bush 43.

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