The Pentagon

I’m late for International Women’s Day.  Everything is I identify as.


Biden says this will be sprayed on East Palestine to neutralize the poison.

Here is how Joey is going to spray the entire city of East Palestine, it might take until granddaughter Navy who lives in Arkansas reaches age 21.


The Musical Editor:  Can cats whistle, LL ?

The Not Hardly Cat:  No, but here is some history.

Here are some ways to whistle.

This is a whistle for dogs.  They can hear higher sound vibrations.

This is like crinkling money or anything that can’t be traced to a politician.

The first recorded wolf-whistle, which has been declared abusive to women for many years.

Some readers might remember these whistles.


One bettor won.

Make your pick.


The Dutch are making progress.


The dems are toads.


People are stupid.


It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood, can you spot what is wrong ?

One hockey player said if he wanted to play girl hockey he would join the girl’s league.

Half of Americans believe that what they think is real.

Tiger Wood’s ex-wife would have whacked the rodent.  No golf course superintendent should have squirrels on the property.

What a shame.

It’s hard to tell who to root for.

The Murdaugh Diary.


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