Feinstein & McConnell should stay at home–California & Kentucky.


Women don’t seem to care about women anymore.  The last time they marched was to get a brain, liver, heart, etc., for the dying RBG.  Thank goodness BLM is still out there standing up for Black people.  Memphis is on their calendar.


The Busy Editor:  What and why can’t you keep up, LL ?

I’m Not Staying Awake Cat:  The changes in society are coming too fast for one reporter-cat.  I tried to interview an assistant, but most are selfish, rude, or have an attitude.  Here are my best candidates.

The language changes like a roulette wheel in Las Vegas.  Everyone wants to mutilate children.  It used to be that people with different sexual mores said God made them that way.

This is a new one, even for an informed reporter-cat like me.  I have read about property bail, cash bail, own recognizance, but never foot-bail or leg-bail.  The nearest I can locate on the WWW is running from the police, coppers, law, fuzz, etc.  It is confusing.

Amigo and I are opening a brand name foot-bail–Nike, Reebok, Converse, New Balance.  We will be rich.

This is an accused murderer in Portland, Dwarf State Oregon.  I say he foot-bailed, had a place to be in a hurry, or was training for the Oregon BLM Olympics.  MST says he might have skedaddled.

The foot-bailer wasn’t having the murder saddle cinched to him.  Here is a hoof-bail.

These are my applicants for an assistant, at one of my cat-functions.  Maybe one of these will help me get back to being awake only 1 hour a day.

These guys will be our district managers.  We might have to put them in blackface and wigs.

The kid should have been in some juvenile facility, or have competent men search the future killer.


This is the government directing how your money is invested.  I wager it goes to woke companies.


This looks like good news.


As we were told by Lord Acton.


Michigan already has a commie governor, Gretchen Whitmer.  Some fool mentioned her for President.

You go New York.

St. Francis saves money and avoids men who think they are women athletes.

We have seen many instances in the past 5 years where the WOKE politicians change their tune when they are the victims of crimes.  If they can’t get individual protection from the police they hire private security paid for with campaign contributions.


Trump’s new hit will probably top Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues on the charts.

Trump won’t be the man in black, he will be in Red-White-Blue.

4 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—I CAN’T KEEP UP

    • Please do not Foot-Bail, Mr. Trump. Then we will have Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnel dragging Fetterman off his Coma Bed to do a Weekend at Bernie’s remake to chase you down.

    • Even after all that Catnip…I bet those cats can run up the steps of Air Force One and remember where they left their laptop.

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