The question is answered.


It’s like the guy I wrote about last week, winning about $400,000.00 betting on Fairleigh Dickinson to beat Purdue.  Sometimes you get lucky.


Just The Facts Editor:  Do you believe your government, LL ?

Answer Cat:  I wouldn’t believe anything from anyone without verifying it.  Government employees are under the Ivory Soap Rule 99 44/100 percent will lie about anything that will harm or help them, depending on the circumstances.

I just covered the release of nuclear waste that was reported 4 months after it occurred.  The time frame probably gave the radioactive water time to disperse and be almost undetectable.

Is a Deuce Coupe a poker hand, AC ?

No, it is what use to be called a hot rod.

Does praying work, AC ?

It can pay off.

Her dad looks like a Weeble.

Avoid pit bulls, monkeys, and sanctuary city streets.  Shut the doors.

There is too much news.  Vote Democratic.


This is good news for Georgia and Iowa children.  It’s a start, crooked doctors are everywhere.


Biden’s nominees are unqualified for any court.  They are perfect for political BS.

What have you created, Joey.


The lies never end.


Too many Americans have mental health issues.  The sad part is they elect the most repulsive ones.

This entire study is worthless.  A TV camera can make anyone feel like a super-hero.  Look at America’s politicians.  Most are probably hooked up to an IV when the camera is turned off.  For our Oregon readers ( the IV is for intravenous, not the Roman numeral 4 ).  The explanation is for children, which is how many politicians act.

Alvin would make a good chipmunk.

More Democrat collusion with education organizations and Biden DOJ.

More military corruption.

Congress and Joey passed the stupid trillion dollar deficit budgets.  Vote Democratic again.

This is how they get their money.

They need some yellow crime scene tape.

Hillary is a good match for Commie Columbia.

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