He makes Lori Lightfoot look personable.


Watch that newborn.


The Maybe News Editor:  What are some things that might be informative, LL ?

A Bunch Cat:  Maybe our loyal readers will find these links entertaining.  Joey’s sister in law is the unnamed recipient of some Chinese money.

The National Audubon Society decides to keep its name.  Maybe they realized that you can’t judge someone who lived a hundred years ago with today’s mores.

MST is a birder in her own right.

Joey said, ” take the cannoles and leave the gun “.

Taxpayers will pay all loses from SVB bank, including those not insured by FDIC.

They are family.

The war criminal, Bush 43, lives 25 miles from Waco.  Bill Clinton and Attorney General (Janet Reno) burned the American citizens alive, and the media said very little.


I use to think that the lying Democrats deserved Monkey Pox for not supporting America First, but this would be better.


Congress is in charge.


It will take a super majority America First effort to get to the truth.


I bet this is half of the story.

Don’t write me about racism.  This is the POT-us calling the Kettle Black.

This would be great.  His campaign could be, elect me and I will free Donald John.  Maybe he could have Stormy’s lawyer, Avenatti as counsel, he is in Federal Prison for 14 years.

Go figure ?

The end is near.

Here is information on the GOOP founder and her trial, hopefully I can bring you an update later.

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