It’s somewhat true.


The short ones made a poor decision.


What Hints Editor:  What do you advise today, LL.

A Stitch In Time Cat:  If you live in Goofy Land or another similar place, open or buy stock in companies that make anything electric.

Get your politicians to support this group of states.

If it works fine, but where will the expiration dates be listed ?  If the Left says it is racist or sexist,  I’m for it.

Do you want union teachers and child abusers to raise your children, or their mother ?

What is going on with the train wrecks ?  They should never brake for automobile crossings.

The school shooting in Nashville.


It seems that peaceful Americans are the only people afraid to protest.

Bragg has some mental issues, like Judge Sullivan in D.C.


This is a repeat, but it deserves another listing.

If you can’t avoid politics in a personal relationship, you are brain dead.  It should be meaningless unless that is your profession.

Cocaine is delivered at office instead of home.


Chocolate and now a pickle factory.

Maybe the Disney stockholders don’t care about making money.


Tell them you identify as a LGBTQAIOU, Black, Communist, and work at CNN.  Will taxpayers pay my fees ?

Nothing but lies from National Public Radio  ( NPR ).  Take back the 500 million in taxpayer money they receive.

If you can’t afford a second car, buy an EV at your own risk.

This is a bizarre story.  Seat belts ?

I don’t believe anything the feds or Pentagon says.

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