Joey is in trouble.

Are rats on the menu in NYC ?


PETA wants the White House to use plastic eggs.  That isn’t very green.

America is a third world country.


Drones are the weapons of the new technology.

Those Ruskies !!!


The John Paul Jones Editor:  What is going on with our armed forces, LL ?

Damn The Torpedoes Cat:   The WOKE Joey and officers have almost destroyed the services.  It’s just another act by traitors.

FJB and the Wokers.

Joey has screwed up the China policy, much like he did Putin and Ukraine.  He has also let the Chinese take America’s place as a friend of the Saudi’s.

The services will need new leaders.  No rainbow bullets.


Let’s see how the Badgers do.

Biden and the Democrats have turned the IRS into a weapon to use against anyone who disagrees.  FJB and the IRS.


Maybe Stormy Daniels has a lawsuit.


I believe the player.

Did Barry pawn his wedding ring ?


Nobody told him 100 MPH was too fast.

Every state needs what Florida/DeSantis are doing.

They want to run your life. Greenies want to turn off these lights.

The ancient Egyptians had some unusual practices.

Disney, ” the child abusers you can trust ” is laying off employees.

Lieawatha wants more time.  She will be 75 if she wins reelection.

Get your Tay Tay tickets.

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