Your WWW has come a long way.

Stormy needs an Arkansas baby if she wants eventual security.  Tie up Biden’s will for 20 years.


He might be on the ballot.


The Infant Editor:  Are you writing about little rug-rats, LL?

The Female Cat Reporter:  Not those babies, the affectionate name for women.  Once women got the vote, and escaped from raising their children, the tobacco companies knew how to define a woman.  She could replace the men smokers who were dying of lung cancer.  Smoking was sexy,  the American Medical Association, government, and tobacco companies agreed.  YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY, BABY

Anyone not conked on the head by a BLM crook knows that you can’t change DNA or genes with surgery.

The Democrat-Progressives say, these are women of the year.

We aren’t far from creating this creature from ancient Greece.

Hopefully more Democratic women will be like Nancy, and wash the feet of illegal immigrants that don’t die in trailers or boxcars.  She will open a franchise serving the border from San Diego to El Paso.  Stocks can be purchased on her insider-trading web site.

For a moment I thought this was a Democrat Klan meeting.

Hillary, Feinstein, Pocahontas, AOL, Sheila Jackson Lee, Kamala, and Maxine Waters have all gotten rich while men become women of the year.  There isn’t much of this anymore. 

The  ” Show Me ” state comes through.

A copter crash.


Squatters should be sent to Gitmo–now, not in a week or month.

Fetterman news.

I have stopped caring about women’s rights.  They deserve what they are getting from the left.  Don’t write me, I’m a female feline.


Gwyneth wins her case.

Janet is a swamper.  They almost never leave voluntarily. (they aren’t transitory ).

The District of Columbus needs a steam cleaning.  All we get are lies.

The FBI had to pull some agents off of their Trump Patrol to infiltrate the Proud Boys.

Black is beautiful.

I give up on thinking the best of people.

Two Swampers, they have never met a law limiting your rights, that they didn’t endorse.

This is what reasonable people will have to fight until they buy the several media companies, or take their money out of investment banks like Goldman Sachs.  They will just lease Epstein’s old plane.  The French Maid uniforms are already on board.

The new rules in Baseball appear to have worked.  Congress needs, not a pitch time limit, but a length of pages a law should be–say a thousand to start with and a week to read them.

RIP Mike Day.

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