Mamma Mia arrived early.


You can’t argue with this.  Would you rather live in California or Sudan’s streets ?


The What’s Next Editor:  Do you know about death, LL ?

Nine Lives Cat:  I sure do.  Amigo won’t tell me which life I am on, but I know it’s over two.  People worry about the wrong thing.  The ones who don’t believe in a creator have nothing to look forward to.  The others will have eternal something.

Here are some grave sites of somewhat famous people.

New Jersey rethinks a hastily thought out policy on wind turbines.  Nothing about GREEN has been thought out beyond giving grants to political   buddies.  The turbines on land are killing Bald Eagles and millions of other birds.

Some people sign up to protect your children, then turn into WOKE wussies.  Death scares them.

Democratic women killed feminism.  It is as dead as Gloria Steinem.

Some new songs.


If this doesn’t wake up the average person, it damn well better wake up Republicans in elected office.  No one is safe in a Democrat city/state.

This case against Flynn is just as repulsive.  Judge Sullivan is as smelly as Bragg.


The trans-community isn’t special.  Leave the children alone and stop wanting special treatment, like brainwashing children in schools.

NBC joins Biden in the poor pitiful me trans-culture.

An Islamic viewpoint.


Democrats live in Australia.  What are changing rooms for?

Momentum and gravity get justice done in—–you know where.

Movies about straight people who don’t have eternal victim genes make money.

Money can be made in many ways.

Fetterman is out.

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