This is true, the American Congress and Biden support it.  Trump tried to ban TikTok, but Congress said no.

This is how they feel.


Is there a feud ?

Watch that interest.  Air Force One almost ran out of gas last week.


The Money Editor:  Is there really an honest answer to the banks collapsing, LL ?

The Fat Cat:  There sure is, it’s called poor fiscal management.  It’s OK, because Joey will use taxpayer money to pay ALL loses, not just FDIC insured loses.

Are the WOKERS losing ?

They will be losing when honest politicians are elected.

The American justice system is as crooked as Lombard Street in Goofy Land.  It has been for 7 years, the MSM is included.

Davis is a crying wussie.  Pistol Pete averaged 44.2 points a game.  Give Davis a participation award.

It is true, Filthydelphia is paying millions to rioters and arsonists.  That’s why one of Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senators is still in the hospital—stupidity.

Zuckerberg’s dictatorial relationships with workers was hidden by the media, just like Kamala’s incompetence.

This is truly a good camera.

As Scarlett would say tomorrow……

I think U.S. Attorneys and state District Attorneys run the criminal justice system.

Bragg makes justice look like a Democrat Joke.


The District of Columbus is a fetid maggot filled swamp.

They clean more things than One Hour Martinizing.

Mush, you huskies.

Disney and Barry aren’t good recommendations unless you are a political whore/john.

Spare me.

Those dems are killing the dollar.

What to do ?

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