It’s true, you can’t cheat an honest man.


Now the maids don’t have to change the linen and camera memory cards every time another private plane lands.


The Greatest Editor:  Who or what are the best, LL ?

The Once Great Cat:  There are very few best of all time.  Most are for a small slice of time.  People don’t know much about anything beyond their grandparents age, about 70 years.  Here are some “Best Album Covers “.

Here are some “Best Magazine Covers”.

The Babylon Bee, which we use daily, gets a vote.

This is one of Amigo’s favorites.  It is a cross between Mad Magazine’s Motto–What, Me Worry—and Lt. William Calley who was one of many involved in a massacre of civilians in a village in Vietnam named My Lai (pronounced Me Lie ).


Someone thought these were the best.

At least one person thinks this is the best song.

Here is a first look at The Masters Tournament from Augusta, Georgia.

LSU women win the national basketball title.  No trans-people were mentioned.


What a surprise.

California dreaming.  The Governor wants to be president–Biden supports the same child mutilations.

The Rainers destroy some Ruskie tanks.

The USA is losing more world influence.  Thank the Democrats.


This is a bunch of nothing.


Comey is another protected crook.

Maybe they felt their life on Earth was finished.  They should serve the properly prepared delicacy in the Congressional Cafeteria and White House.

Nothing is simple.

If you want safe illegal drugs use the same dope peddlers politicians and Hollywoodies use.  Ask Hunter.

Go Joe.

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