Apple watches and Nike shoes are made in China.

This is why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the WWW.


It seems to be what women want, even more than having 14 year old daughters showering with males.


The Monarch Editor:  Do cats like butterflies, LL ?

The Pupa Cat:  We sure do, they are more fun to catch than laser dots.  Here is a little history.  I can’t avoid small type.

There are thousands of varieties.

A California Democrat bonus.

Californians voted last year NOT to recall Governor Newsom.  There are no butterflies for the flooded strawberry fields.

The CDC workers sent to investigate the East Palestine crash became ill.  They were probably sicker than an honest person listening to Democrat/MSM lies.


California has urinated away their tax money, and now want yours–to urinate away for 5 million dollars each to Black people living there.  California was never a slave-holding state.  You have to love Democrat reasoning.

NBC supports a woman identifying as a man being killed while shooting children over the dead school children and other employees.  She is a trans-person.  The FCC should revoke their license to broadcast.


Madonna is having a benefit show in Nashville for trans-sexual members.  If our loyal readers want to barbecue that night, you will be free from flies.  They will be buzzing around the Material Fecal Girl.

I hope this applies to school employees.

More Dis-Honors.

The Democrats are through with Fetterman, the election is over.

Stop electing dems, elect someone who will protect the innocent.

They said this was not an April Fool joke.

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